Sr. Sandamali Kurera

St. Mary’s Convent, Matara.
With greatest pleasure I forward this message, to everyone who is concerned about at a time when the Globe is turning to a village governed by information technology, all aspects and subjects seemingly change in front of this great resuscitation of web connection called internet. Everyindividual has been blessed by this new aspect that giftsvarious benefits for an amazing future.
The sustainability of any aspect lies on the fact of itscollaboration to education. There is no doubtofthe support of internet towards education. Education is believed to be the spine of mankind. The use of Internet to strengthen the educational goals is extremely high.  According to the prevailingcircumstances many countries including Sri Lanka has achieved one of the millennium development goals, thatis the use of internet in education to the development of the future.
I am glad to be given this opportunity on behalf of the students of St Mary’s Convent. St. Mary’s Convent as a leading school in Matara. That possesses a history of 107years,of formal education for girls. Under my administration I persuade students to be familiar with the essentialities of tomorrow’sworld. And I find this web system as a precious resource for the students as well as teachers. Since about three decades the administration has welcome this new technology and is happy to keep another step forward towards technology.
Requesting other schools to obtain this benefit, Irequest everyone tojoin with the world for a better tomorrow.